Our Products

We provide services in various fields of Oil and Gas, from early production facilities to storage tank fabrication and constructions.

Early Production Facility

We provide wide range of EPF, with different specifications to accommodate our clients requirement.

Early Production Facility

We provide assistance in the installation of FWKO facilities to ensure both safety and efficiency in operation of FWKO Facility.

Surface and Subsurface Well Testing

We provide Surface and Subsurface Well Testing rental services, with various equipment specifications.

Surface Read Out Equipment

We provide SRO equipments with high precision and durability to ensure maximum production output and safety.

Storage Tank Rental

We provide wide selection of storage tanks, with varying capacity and utilities.

Construction and Tank Fabrication

We fabricate our tanks according to our clients specifications, with considerations to safety and efficiency in its constructions.

Gas Scrubber

We have solid construction for our gas scrubber, ensuring safety and purification process of the facility.